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The MCS – Concept

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4 steps to full automation

With the MCS concept you can customize your air cooled heat exchanger, e.g.  in four steps to a full automated system. Of course, we can also implement the fully automated system right from the start.
Simply according to your budget and schedule.



The first step is to install a rail system to save time and money on service cleanings.


Cleaning Chassis

Into the rail system chassis are mounted, which are suitable for upgrading to a fully automated machine.


Semi automated

Each chassis is equipped with a nozzle beam, sliding device and a motor. That eliminates the exchange between the chassis. This saves time and increases work safety.


Fully automated

Each chassis wil be upgraded to a full automated system. A central control monitors the entire cleaning process.

Your way to fully-automatic air cooler cleaning

We have intensively analyzed many conversations with our customers over the past weeks, months and years and have observed a clear trend.
Previously the main focus was on cleaner air-cooled exchangers, however, certain factors are becoming more and more relevant in the current age of technological advancements, for instance the lack of skilled labor, the need for improved efficiencies and a safe working environment.

That is why today most of our customers want the freedom and independence to be able to clean their coolers at any time – more or less in real-time – according to the guidelines and requirements of production.
Current impediments are that cleaning equipment might need to be assembled and disassembled and cleaning teams have to be internally contacted or externally assigned which is inconvenient, counterproductive and inefficient.
Technological advances as digitalization have made it possible to gather large quantities of data that can be processed speedily whilst providing up to date information. Based on this information self-learning software will calculate exact time schedules and cleaning cycles to ensure that the air-cooled heat exchanger operates at the most efficient levels possible.
The precondition to enter into this future way of air-cooled heat exchanger cleaning is the implementation of JNW’s fully-automatic cleaning system controlled from our client’s control room.


We provide solutions!

We are the specialist in ACC cleaning since more than 30 years

From planning to concept

We look at your cooler and together we come up with a concept to find the optimal solution for you, which saves time, is cost-efficient, profitable and provides maximum work safety.

From design to execution

After the concept is finished, we build your tailor-made system in our factory in Germany. With us you get everything from one source including a professional installation.

For a long operation time

To ensure that you enjoy the cleaning system for a long time, we offer suitable maintenance contracts. This keeps the system up to date and always ready for operation.

Experience pays

Market leader since more than 30 years

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Cleaning Chassis

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We are the 
cleaning experts  for air cooled heat exchangers

JNW looks back on a long history. Founded in 1932 in Bochum and since the 90s as the pioneer of cleaning systems for air cooled heat exchangers on the market, we are absolute specialists in our field.

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