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Your way to fully-automatic air cooler cleaning

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We have intensively analyzed many conversations with our customers over the past weeks, months and years and have observed a clear trend.

Previously the main focus was on cleaner air-cooled exchangers, however, certain factors are becoming more and more relevant in the current age of technological advancements, for instance the lack of skilled labor, the need for improved efficiencies and a safe working environment.

That is why today most of our customers want the freedom and independence to be able to clean their coolers at any time – more or less in real-time – according to the guidelines and requirements of production.

Current impediments are that cleaning equipment might need to be assembled and disassembled and cleaning teams have to be internally contacted or externally assigned which is inconvenient, counterproductive and inefficient.

Technological advances as digitalization have made it possible to gather large quantities of data that can be processed speedily whilst providing up to date information. Based on this information self-learning software will calculate exact time schedules and cleaning cycles to ensure that the air-cooled heat exchanger operates at the most efficient levels possible. 

The precondition to enter into this future way of air-cooled heat exchanger cleaning is the implementation of JNW’s fully-automatic cleaning system controlled from our client’s control room.


Awareness grows in the market and that’s why the requests for fully automated cleaning systems increased rapidly.

Previously our conversations with customers consist of requests for either a cleaning service or a semi-automated cleaning system, but once customers have been made aware of the numerous benefits of the MCS-Concept they realize that a fully-automated system is what they really want.

Fully automated solutions and their associated costs require an initial investment by the business which can be substantial particularly for businesses with multiple coolers.

For this reason JNW developed the “Modular Cleaning System” (MCS – Concept) to assist businesses who are looking for a fully automated cleaning system but do not want to pay the full cost for the system up front.

What does the MCS – Concept mean for your business?

Our primary goal is to equip all our customers with fully automated cleaning systems for their coolers. The first step in our MCS – Concept is a technical study to be conducted by JNW in consultation with the business. The study will include a financing plan and a time schedule based on the needs and current capacities of the business. Implementation will be broken down into steps with measurable milestones. The technical study and corresponding plan will be conducted completely free of charge which means there are zero up-front costs for the business.

Cost will only be incurred on the acceptance of the implementation plan for the MCS – Concept, which requires the purchase of individual sections of the modular system. The MCS – Concept includes delivery of state-of-the-art equipment along with attractive and flexible financing options. Alternatively, if a long-term cleaning and maintenance contract is awarded to JNW, individual components of the system will be provided free of charge, subject to terms and conditions.

We look forward to working with you to develop an optimal, long-term technical and commercial solution that will contribute to the future success of your business.